Thinking about Adding a Puppy to your Family? Here are 3 reasons you should go for it!

Our AKC standard poodle puppies will soon turn 8 weeks old and can go to their homes! Certainly, we are living in strange times with COVID-19 changing our days, but constants ground us all. The puppies are bringing joy to our lives as they greet us with glee, dance around our feet, grow like weeds, and are learning so much. They are working on “sit” and “fetch the toy”, potty training, and leash walking. This is a great time to bond with and teach a new puppy. Tigris, Euphrates, Nile, Yukon, and Rhine all can’t wait to go to their new families!

1. Time to Devote to Your Puppy

Puppies do best with focused attention when they first join your home to adjust to the environment, to work on potty training and to learn first commands.

Many people are now working from home for a season and can tag team with the whole family to build a wonderful bond with their puppy, and cement their puppy’s good behavior.  There is more time to teach tricks, take walks and forget about the concerns of the day. Kids that are home can take part in the little chores of feeding and taking them out in the yard to potty and play. 

2. The Joy of Puppies & Sunshine

I think one of the most essential pieces to let go of anxiety each day is to find joy in the little things. Your spirits lift when you cuddle and play with a puppy. Puppies need the time outside and when you step out with them you’re getting sunshine, blue skies, and Vitamin D, something we all need. Plus it’s finally Spring! Spring is happily skipping toward summer, a beautiful time to be outside in Colorado.

3. The Ease of Online Animal Supplies

There are an incredible number of stores that already ship dog food on auto delivery for free and discounted prices, plus all the additional fun items you can add to your delivery.  Animal food stores are considered essential during this time and if you need food more quickly you can drive to a store and have it delivered outside to you in your car as well.

Enjoy photos of them at 6 weeks old here, or check out our deposit contract here!

Note on health and pets during COVID-19 from CDC: “We do not have evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19.” Read more on it here

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