We are so glad you found us! We have a few select litters a year. We take up to 10 deposit contracts per breed.

We have one male AKC Standard Poodle puppy available! A beautiful parti colored boy who is white with brindle spots!!!!!  He even has a heart on his flank. Lots of love from him. His training is going great. $2100

(updated May 23 2023)

The process to get one of our puppies:

  1. Get on the desired waitlist: Print deposit contract for desired breed, sign it and either text or mail it: phone number & address are on the contracts. This means you will be contacted when a litter is born and available for your desired breed.
  2. When the litter is born, we will post to Instagram and Facebook, as well as contacting you directly if you sent in the contract. You will receive photos starting at 4 weeks old, as well as on our social media accounts.
  3. Send in a deposit after you have been contacted, and you will now have a puppy on hold for you.
  4. Puppy choice day is at 6 weeks old. We have learned that at that age their personalities really shine and people are able to make their selection. You will be contacted the week before to set a time to come by and meet them to make your choice. If you desire, please bring a t-shirt in a ziploc bag with your name on it for your puppy. It will be for you to take home at 8 weeks old and smell like mom for your new little family member.
  5. At 7 weeks old, the puppies will get their exam and first set of vaccinations. We will have you send a check for the remaining balance due at 7 weeks, or plan on bringing cash when the puppies are 8 weeks old. We unfortunately are not able to accept credit cards, nor day of pick up checks, but can accept Zelle or Venmo.
  6. When your puppies are 8 weeks old they are ready to go home with you! We will schedule that with you at the 6 week choice day. If you are unable to take them on the exact day, we will work with you and set up a reasonable boarding fee.

Currently, we are unable to respond to the huge volume of emails, messages, and voicemails. Hopefully, this information answers your questions. If you are interested in a litter, or have further questions please call Debbie anytime on Thursdays. That phone number is (719)243-3664. We also have reviews listed on our Facebook page, and photos on both Instagram and Facebook.

Who We Are

Wonderful Miniature Schnauzer, Miniature Schnoodles, and Standard Poodle puppies bred for health, temperament, service dog potential, and beauty.

For over 20 years Debbie St. Louis, Colorado Springs veterinarian and her family of 7 have raised hypoallergenic schnauzer puppies and now poodle and schnoodle babies. We do a few select litters each year. Each puppy is trained, evaluated and handled with the utmost care as members of our family.  We are very careful about the health history of our parents, the nutrition of all the dogs and the health of the puppies.

It is a wonderful experience to bring the joy of new life into the new homes of caring people.  We give careful attention to every detail for your new family member. 

The Science behind our breeding-  We health test our parents for inherited diseases and choose very carefully on their personality which most breeders do not do. We continue to run their blood work lifelong. Our dogs eat premium food for good brain development and our parents are our pets and live in the house and go hiking with us their whole life.  We have a health guarantee and microchipping,  We do neurostimulation training from day 4 to 14 as they do for therapy and service dogs.  Then when they are older we start potty training and play trainings and getting used to life so that they are well adjusted.  We know that the time invested in the parents and puppies is important. Our puppies are out there as service dogs and people allergic to dogs can enjoy one of ours! Check out our health testing pages. 

We have affectionately called our forested place in Black Forest Colorado, Spice Mountain Homestead from  Ecclesiasties’ beloved love story of the Savior and his bride.   We now have 5 adult daughters, 2 son in laws and 2 granddaughters. Elizabeth, my daughter, is helping with the website and communication. We still have our beloved 4H livestock goats and sheep and Dr. Debbie works part time in veterinary medicine.  Terry is a home builder.  

We Provide

all current vaccinations, tall dock, and dewclaw removal.


fecal testing

examinations by a veterinarian

microchips are available (upon request)

the best childhood a puppy could want!

You Receive

health guarantee

bill of sale

veterinary evaluation form

training information

vaccination record book

AKC papers (for pure bred breeds)

a well-rounded, family oriented puppy

We would love to hear from you!

Mobile: +1 719.243.3664

Email: SpiceMountainPuppies.info@gmail.com

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